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Premium Active Network

Wiederhold & Associates has over 25 years of expertise in transition, both internal and external, as well as executive coaching. We have one of the most active and extensive networks in the healthcare industry comprising seasoned executives, vendors, recruiters and consulting firms.

We have a premium active network package for a minimal cost per year.

Wiederhold Intentional Network (WIN)

The main purpose of the Wiederhold Intentional Network (WIN) is to take networking from the typical shotgun to the rifle approach or WIN. The keyword to successful networking is intentional.

Now, our networking will much more focused because there will be initial key connecting points. You will expand your network with little effort on a consistent and ongoing basis with individuals at similar level. Historically purposeful networking is around the following areas - – Organizations, Markets, Areas of expertise and Titles.

Every Other Month Seminar Series

Wiederhold & Associates is proud to present an on-going seminar series. Every other month we will invite renowned speakers to present on various healthcare related topics. These online sessions are free for Premium Active Network members (to join click here) and current clients, but are available to anyone else for a nominal registration fee for each session.

Mentor Program

Our mentor program takes this network connection one step deeper. It gives the Mentor and the Mentee the opportunity to use common experiences to glean further insight into life and career situations. There is no stronger bond than those created through shared experience.

Presentations to Organizations

Chart Your Course

A practical guide to creating and enhancing the career-building and job search process. It uses a series of how-to steps that result in a new job or in remodeling the job you already have. Not only do these steps transform careers, when embraced to the fullest they transform lives.


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