Executive Coaching Programs

Have you ever felt caught up in a tornado where the winds are howling, you and everything you know is spinning in the air, and feel like you can’t get your ground? Welcome to the world of Healthcare!

Wiederhold & Associates knows healthcare and the unique culture and dynamics within which you have to work. We know you have “no” discretionary time. We know what worked in the past will not get you to where you and your organization need to go in the future. This requires transformation: a quantum leap, not baby steps.

Wiederhold & Associates’ Executive Coaches use approaches that go beyond providing you skills. We don’t want you to just “do” things differently: we want you to “be” different. One of our favorite testimonials is this quote from a client: “Others give me skills. You change me!”

To be truly patient-centered requires a different way of thinking: a different mindset. Our coaches will use proven methods to challenge your current assumptions; motivate you to go beyond your comfort zone, to enhance strategic partnerships and achieve results that impact your bottom line and the patient.


Our typical clients are:

  • C-Suite executives who want and need to drive change and get fast results within their ever-complex systems and organizations
  • Physician leaders transitioning from clinical care to administrative roles
  • Medical Directors, Chiefs of Medical Staffs, Chief Medical Officers
  • Executives who get results but seem to crush people during the process
  • High Potential Leaders who are expanding their scope and increasingly need to rely on others to get the work accomplished
  • Nursing and Allied Health Mid-Managers in departments with high impact on strategic results


Maximize Your Leadership Effectiveness

Wiederhold & Associates offers validated performance, behavioral and personality assessments as part of its coaching, transition and outplacement programs. We know the key to transformational change requires that you don’t just “do” things differently; you have to “be” different.
No assessment is a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your goals, we often recommend a custom suite of assessments to increase self awareness, uncover core strengths and flag opportunities for growth.


Certification Matters

Assessment instruments are highly scientific tools, which require significant training to accurately interpret and translate results. Used properly, they help increase self esteem, identify roles with extraordinary potential for job fit, suggest corporate cultures where you will strive, as well as allow your coach to best support you.

Assessments Available