Every Other Month Seminar Series 2017

Wiederhold & Associates is proud to present an on-going seminar series. Every other month we will invite renowned speakers to present on various healthcare related topics. These online sessions are free for Premium Active Network members (to join click here) and current clients, but are available to anyone else for a nominal registration fee of $20 for each session.

To review a calendar of sessions for 2017 please click on this link. Click here to look at a brochure detailing the upcoming topic.

If you would like to purchase the password to view any of our past webinars Erin Davis will be able to help you.

Click here to view the June 2017 Q&A seminar with Juan Innuria, CEO of High Reliability. Juan will address the journey to high reliability in healthcare – the transformation, the process and how to sustain results. The original flyer here.

Click here to view May 2017 webinar Leading High Reliability Organizations in Healthcare. High reliability is achieved when the top leadership supports the entire organization in achieving and sustaining reliability. The leaders can do this by setting the vision, creating the culture, and sup-porting the infrastructure, especially in sponsoring facilitators who are skilled in reliability and will translate high reliability for every-one inside and outside the organization. See the original flyer here.

Click here to view March 2017 seminar Depositions: Is your Testimony Helpful or Hurtful?. You have been asked to give your deposition in a lawsuit that has been filed against you, your employer or your company. You think to yourself, “What could go wrong? I’m an honest person and I’ll just tell the truth.” Unfortunately, unless you’ve been prepared to give your deposition testimony, there is a lot that can go wrong. Presented by Michelle Samadany. See the original flyer here.