• Wiederhold & Associates A Leading Provider of Executive/Career Coaching, Outplacement and Transition in the Healthcare Industry. Executive Coaching, Outplacement and Transition.
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  • Corporate TransitionCorporate Transition Program Industry leading program for outsourcing the management of transitioning employees. Outsourcing the management of outplacement.
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  • Individual TransitionIndividual Partnership Quest (IPQ) Transition is now a science.Transition is now a science, not a mindless process utilizing old and outdated methods.
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  • Executive Coaching Primarily focused on the soft skills of success. We include all key stakeholders so there is agreement and measurable results. Primarily focusing on the soft skills of success.
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Corporate Transition

“Executives in transition can count on Jim Wiederhold and Associates to provide guidance and encouragement and instill confidence. They help executives explore new opportunities and career alternatives. We strongly recommend their services.”

Corporate Transition Program enables a sponsoring organization to outsource the management of impacted outplaced employees. The transition program can include three key phases designed to ensure the individual establishes a solid basis for a successful career with the new company

Corporate Outplacement/Career Transition Seminars offering One and Two Day Outplacement/Career Transition Seminars.

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Individual Transition

"I found your firm on the recommendation of a colleague after a number of failed job searches. My interview skills were poor to say the least and I was struggling to find what really would satisfy me in terms of my next career move. I had a very good job and did not want to leave my organization for an average opportunity..." (continue)

Individual Partnership Quest (IPQ) - Whether you’re wanting to transition within your current organization or move on to the next opportunity this program provides career management skills to achieve both short-term/long-term goals, job placement and professional/personal success.

When you begin your program at Wiederhold, a team of professionals are with you the whole time making sure your transition is a smooth one.

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Executive Coaching

"Jim coached me as I took on a new leadership role. He was able to put structure around a lot of the soft skills necessary to succeed in a leadership position. Especially as a physician trained in technical competencies... " (continue)

Executive Coaching Programs - Both corporate and individually sponsored programs designed to help clients enhance existing skills and learn new ones in communication, networking, and emotional intelligence.

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Active Network

"Over the years I have also been able to tap into your network in order to fill executive level positions..." (continue)

After 20 + years in the career development business, Wiederhold & Associates has developed the most in-depth network of senior healthcare professionals in the country. The Active Network program was developed for individuals who see the value of networking, gaining visibility in the industry and building mutually beneficial relationships. Everyone from the C-Suite to those pursuing future healthcare leadership positions will benefit from this valuable tool.

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"Searching for the right opportunity while in transition can be a daunting process and one that challenges your self-esteem and attitude each day. Jim brings a sense of balance and encouragement to the process."

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Our Mission

Wiederhold & Associates is a leading provider of career development, transition services and executive coaching to the healthcare industry. Through networking and coaching, we are always focused on relationship building with a personal touch. We are proud that our clients, stakeholders, sponsors, staff, and owners are 100% satisfied.

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